The Debt Collectors: A Lucy Vaughn Mystery

By Carolyn Fenzl

Sometimes luck seems like a curse...

The Silence Between Us

By Alison Gervais

Contemporary fiction fans will find it hard to put down The Silence Between Us—a YA novel that doesn’t shy away from real-life issues including the challenges faced by those in...

True Biz by Sara Novic Book cover of abstract hand coloured in with different textured colours.

True Biz

By Sara Novic

This is a story of sign language and lip-reading, disability and civil rights, isolation and injustice, first love and loss, and, above all, great persistence, daring, and joy. Absorbing and...

Book cover of A Room Called Earth. An orange cat sitting in a pink rom on a pink circual perch.

A Room Called Earth

By Madeleine Ryan

An unforgettable story of a fiercely original young woman, whose radical perspective illuminates a new way of being in the world

The Centaur's Wife

By Amanda Leduc

Amanda Leduc's brilliant new novel, woven with fairy tales of her own devising and replete with both catastrophe and magic, is a vision of what happens when we ignore the...


By Anneliese Knop, galadriel coffeen

Unlikely allies join forces against an enemy hidden in the shadows.