Kiss Your Brain: Diagnosis Diaries

By: Christina Costa

This collection of poems was written from the day the author was sent to the emergency room through her first phase of radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

Disabled? Disabled! Disabled: Transitional Poems from the Disability Perspective

By: Daniel Garcia

Disabled? Disabled! Disabled is a diverse collection of verse that reflects on the world through the eyes of a fresh voice in poetry.

Stand By Me RP by Dave Steel Photo of a face close up with the eye open and the cornia in the shape of a heart. The face is coloured purple.

Stand By Me RP

By: Dave Steele

"Dave Steele's poetry is an amazingly intense, insightful, and accurate portrayal about what it is like, and how it feels to have RP. He has brought countless people together with...

Beauty is a Verb book cover. Photo of woman in a red wheelchair at the bottom of a pool.

Beauty is a Verb: The Poetry of Disability

By: Jennifer Bartlett, Michael Northenis, Sheila Black

"Immerse yourself in muscular poems of tenderness and intensity, intimate poems of eloquence and bluntness, profound poems that present disability's difficulty, challenge, and pride - all the while exploring the...

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