Sightless in Seattle: Adventures with My Guide Dog

By: Claire Anderson

Every seven minutes another American loses their eyesight and joins the ranks of the estimated ten million legally blind in the United States.Until this kind of tragedy strikes close to home, few people consider the unique challenges and triumphs specific to relearning their independence. Claire Anderson is one of these individuals. After sixty-four years of an active lifestyle, she lost the sight in both of her eyes due to a stroke in the optical nerves.As a seasoned writer and personal witness to the challenges and triumphs of overcoming a loss of vision, Claire has written this heartwarming and educational nonfiction book about learning to live, love, and share with her first, and only, Seeing Eye dog, DaVida.Taken straight from her personal journals written during her time at Seeing Eye dog school, this delightful book will take the reader along on the journey of two inexperienced individuals, both dog and woman, coming together to form a team.

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