Stand By Me RP by Dave Steel Photo of a face close up with the eye open and the cornia in the shape of a heart. The face is coloured purple.

Stand By Me RP

By: Dave Steele

"Dave Steele's poetry is an amazingly intense, insightful, and accurate portrayal about what it is like, and how it feels to have RP. He has brought countless people together with his words, largely eliminating the isolation we all felt, and articulating our fears and hopes in ways we couldn't . His words educate family and friends of those with RP in a way no one else can, straight from the heart. Dave's words bring not only bring a new understanding and hope for us all, but also give us permission to embrace the feelings of hopelessness and despair that we so often hide from our loved ones, so that we may move forward from those feelings and live our lives to the fullest."

Retinitis Pigmentosa can be a blessing and a curse. Since losing the majority of my sight in the last 2 years I have and still continue to battle everyday with anxiety, fears for my future and the future of my children, acceptance from a world full of misconceptions and constantly having to adjust as my tunnel of sight continues to shrink. Although RP has also blessed me with the ability to realise the important things in life. I know I am never alone with this and have met the most amazing people within the RP and Usher community. Through my blindness I have discovered a new found gift for talking about the things that a lot of us go through when faced with going blind. I have always believed that music and poetry can make an impact, touch the heart and heal the soul in a way like nothing else. I hope this collection of poems can reach those who struggle sometimes with going blind. Help friends and family understand how it can be for us. I hope my poems can help raise awareness so one day the world understands that there are many different shades of blind.

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