Welcome to the Authors with Disabilities Showcase, An Online Bookstore Full of Books by Disabled Authors!

Come in, come in! So glad you stopped by my E-store, full (or soon to be full) to the brim with books! But not just any books.

All the books on these shelves are written by authors with disabilities.

That’s how, and why, this E-store came to be: it was born out of a desire to be a place to showcase the talent and diversity among the disabled community, as well as a space to foster conversations around the subjects broached in the pages of their books. Through words, these authors tell their stories with courage, passion, vulnerability and strength. And my hope for you is that you will find something encouraging, educating, enthralling, and overall, enjoyable to read. (How ’bout that alliteration, eh?] And when you do, don’t forget to let me know what you thought!

The following are affiliate links, so if you purchase one of these books through the links on this page, I will earn a small commission. With every purchase, you are supporting and empowering authors with disabilities to keep writing and telling their stories. I, and the authors whose books are on these shelves, thank you for your support.

And be sure to check back frequently as I will be continually adding new titles to the bookstore. You don’t want to miss it!

Please note that there are multiple formats of each book available on Amazon, [paperback, audio, Kindle, etc], so please choose the format which works best for you from the link provided.

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