Book cover of Dad Has A Wheelchair by Ken Jasch an illustrated cover of a blonde haired girl with pink pigtails and a pink shirt. looking up at gleamingly looking at her father using a wheelchair

Dad Has a Wheelchair

By: Ken Jasch

Creatively written by a proud dad with a disability and beautifully illustrated by Anita DuFalla, Dad Has a Wheelchair is a wonderful way to teach kids that a parent with a disability is no different than other moms and dads. Visit our website to learn more.

Julia and her dad have a day of fun. Her dad is like everyone’s dad except he uses a wheelchair. Join them as they play together at the playground, go fishing, visit the zoo and even camp and look up at the stars! Along the way Julia explains why a person might have a disability and what it’s like having a dad with a disability. But the most important thing you will learn is that people with disabilities, such as Julia’s dad, are just like you and me.

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