When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Chair

By: Ryan Rae Harbuck

Her story has (not) defined her.

From where she sat, her perspective of the world was both quite ordinary and rivetingly extraordinary—from a paralyzing car accident in her teens to traveling overseas on a journey of self-reflection to becoming a mom. Throughout everything she experienced, she fervently believed in following her given path.

She wanted to trust its trajectory. She wanted to be sure.

Her story is not about a chair.

Her story is about her strengths and how they rose out of her instinctive vulnerabilities.

Her story is about her struggles and how they became her victories.

Her story is about being willing to hold it all, for herself and the whole of her world.

Everyone has a chair. That thing you are bound to or unwillingly defines you. An element that makes you different from the rest. One that you have little choice in the matter.

What’s YOUR chair?

— From the Amazon Product Page


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