Being thankful for the body that you live inside doesn’t always come easily. It’s a lot easier to wish it would look different, act different or be something else entirely than to be thankful for what it is and what it does to keep you alive. Thinking about your body can conjure up many emotions and these aren’t always positive–and that’s okay.

But I believe learning to practice gratitude in “all circumstances” [I Thessalonians 5:18] extends to our bodies, too. They are created by God and given by Him for a purpose even though we may not know what that is. With that in mind, I’d like to invite you along the journey that I’m taking in learning to be thankful for my body [and trust me, it’s not a comfortable one]. Take some time and reflect on these questions. Write in a journal, talk with a friend, or spend time in prayer with God. I believe it’ll be worth it.

I. Have you ever said thank you to your body for everything it does for you?

II. What does your body need from you that you may not be giving it right now?

III. Is there a way you can show thankfulness for other peoples’ bodies, no matter what shape, size or ability they come in?

IV. How could you keep an attitude of gratitude in regards to your body and your health going forward?

I hope these few questions can be a springboard for more reflection and a beginning of an “attitude of gratitude” for your body. That’s certainly my hope and prayer.

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